Top Websites Providing Free Music Downloads For Music Freaks


Music is our escape from the monotonous routine of our daily life. It provides us peace, motivation, satisfaction and so many other emotions. There are many services on the Internet that provides paid music streaming services or charge per song download services. But we know that you are looking for websites which provide free music downloads.

There are a number of websites available on the web where you can find free mp3 songs, but most of them are illegal. We think you would not like to do anything illegal. We have also worked to solve your problem and selected a few legal websites offering free songs. So just get ready with your earphones or headphones to listen to the music you like without paying a dime.

“A painter paints pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence.” – Leopold Stokowski

Here are top websites providing free music downloads for music freaks:

  1. Vimeo

vimeo Free Music

Vimeo is a well known video sharing website, but do you know it also offers free music downloads under the Creative Commons license. Maybe not! In order to download free songs on Vimeo, you must create an account at Vimeo. After that, you only need to click the download button next to the song which you want to download. Vimeo is also available as an app on both Android and iOS platforms for FREE.

2. SoundOwl
Sound Owl

SoundOwl has over 300,000 songs from independent artists as well as popular artists and bands. You can easily search for your favorite songs and download it to listen it offline. The user interface is also minimal and clean. You can automatically discover the latest music by using the ‘Shuffle Feature’ on the website.

SoundOwl has also partnered with Copyseeker to ensure that users don’t upload songs which they don’t own. It helps them in removing songs which are protected by copyright and also catch violators. If you think that any song violates the rights then you can just drop them an email and the site will take quick action against it.

3. YouTube
YouTube Logo

You might laugh at us by seeing the name of YouTube, because it is the biggest site on the web when it comes to video sharing. But most of us don’t know that it also offers free downloads of some songs. To do so, you need to search for songs with “Creative Commons” filter and then download music to your device for FREE.

All the songs under creative commons license can be downloaded for free and there are no restrictions on sharing these songs. Besides that, there are many artists on YouTube that leave free download links in the description (Everything is legal).

4. Audiofarm
Audio Farm Logo

To download free music on your device – AudioFarm is one of the greatest websites available on the internet. It has various genres of music such as Indian Classical, Religious Christian and many others. You’ll be in love with this website for sure.

5. CCTrax
cctrax logo

CCTrax has a superb selection of contemporary releases where you can download the creative common music with categories like techno, jazz and ambient on your device for FREE. You can easily download music from CCTrax without signing up an account or login of any sort. You are also given the option to download the whole album at once.

6. iMesh
imesh logo

iMesh is the first person-to-person file sharing website to be approved by the RIAA. But to get access over 15 million songs you’ll have to pay a small price. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay money, instead you have to download their software to access their huge library of songs.

At this place, you’ll get free music downloads from well-known artists and upcoming talents. You can also share the songs you love with your friends and family without any hassle. You can simply download free MP3 songs on the site rather than buying it on iTunes or purchasing a CD.

7. Epitonic

Epitonic functions as a tool for music lovers to discover a wide collection of songs, which can be filtered by artist, genre, and label. There is a playlist on the right side of the page which gives users access to the fresh postings.

The featured playlist located at the top of the page showcases a mix of old and new songs. This website provides free mp3 music downloads without any sign ups by just clicking on the download button. Epitonic’s music library includes songs from artists like Belle and Sebastian, Grand National, Mogwai, Zero 7, Peaches and Groove Armada.

8. Besonic
Besonic 2015

To download free songs from this site, you have to register for free, only then you can gain access to thousands of songs in their library. BeSonic shows the popular tracks of the specific genre chosen by you. It has many tracks from some popular bands and indie artists. As a listener, you can find a lot of tools to find the finest music for FREE.

The website has comprehensive cooperation with music industry’s companies  and various media partners that allow the musicians to use BeSonic as a promotion platform. It can help the artists spread their music far beyond the boundaries of the web. If you are an artist, you can also create your homepage on the site with the URL

9. Audio Archive
Internet Archive

Unlike other websites listed in this article, Audio Archive has a large library of audiobooks besides MP3 library. It also has many radio shows, book and poetry readings, live music recordings and lots more. You can find almost everything you want here for free – it doesn’t matter which album or song you are looking for.

We hope our list of top websites providing free music downloads for music freaks will end your quest. Now, you can forget to purchase music CDs or buy mp3 songs from iTunes and Amazon. You can choose any of the above listed sites to download your favorite songs.

“Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons. You will find it is to the soul what a water bath is to the body.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes

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